Grim Escort Review of the Day: By hook or by cook


The Chef decided to blow of some steam„so decided to see the menu on Escort Ireland,Sonya came up trumps as I was in the south side of cork„gave her a call,she was so nice on the phone at such short notice obliged to see me„I think she may have been shopping for dinner when I rang,
Hmm I thought as I had a lovely steak in my van„why not give it to her„expensive steak lol„
Beautiful clean apartment,shower taken then down to the main menu„Sonya is a stunning beauty„though being quite Big below some times surprises some escorts„Sonya I’d highly recommend„I’ll def go back for more„
Thanks hon„Happy New Year„
Enjoy the steak„
The Chef. 

The Potato thinks that writing hooker reviews in the third person somehow makes them even more tragic. But what would he know? 


Ramen it home, amiritegiuse? 

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