Almost as surreal and hilarious as an episode of Steinfield


Pat there with Terry Schoenberg after his appearance on The Live Mike in 2014.  Poor auld Pat has poured the heart-shaped cavity in his mecha-chest to the Indo about how broke-ass broke he is, and how he is filled with more regrets than someone who accidentally tuned into the Late Late during his tenure on the show:

“It’s been a bloodbath and there are no guaranteed pensions when you are a freelancer. You do try to invest in things but virtually everything has been destroyed to some extent, the only things that remain intact are pensions backed by the State.

“I still have children in full-time education so until that changes there is no way of me taking off to Florida,” said Kenny.

Because all the elderly Jewish folk in Florida would love to be living next door to someone who annexes his neighbour’s land.

More on Pat’s Property Portfolio, or PPPolio, here.

Closing Existential Plank quote:

“If your parents are still alive, you have some buffer against mortality but once your parents are gone, you really are on the final frontier,” he said.


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