Your Stephen’s Day matinee is The Great Escape

Starring Steve McQueen as Sean Quinn, State prosecutors as the Nazis, and journalists and photographers as the barbed wire. It’s a thrilling tale of derring-doodoo: 

The bankrupt businessman left the prison’s training unit under cover of darkness on Christmas Eve and was whisked away by his sonSean QuinnJnr, who also did jail time this year.

The 66-year-old may yet get to attend the christening of his granddaughter Orna while on three days’ temporary release.

The ceremony is believed to have been postponed at least twice as both he and his son served prison time.

In the run-up to his temporary release, his daughter Ciara toldMountjoygovernor Ned Whelan that the birth of her daughter was “the only good in my life over the past 19 months”.

In a letter she said that not having her father at the christening “will leave a large void in the ceremony and a dark cloud over the entire day”.

Mr Quinn’s temporary release follows an impassioned plea on behalf of his wife Patricia, who could not bear to be separated from her husband at Christmas.

So…he wanted to get out? 

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