Grim Escort Review of the Day: A Winter’s Tail

Rebeka was the first escort that I met 7 months ago. Today was my 6th visit to this beautiful lady and we shared the pleasure of a 3 hour lunch date. 

For the first 30 minutes I had the added bonus of a duo with Rebeka’s friend Roberta. I knew Christmas had come early when I returned from the shower to find both ladies waiting for me. This is something guys dream about – today my dream came true as they gave me their attention and a show of their own.

I felt like a king walking in the city centre with Rebeka and treating her to lunch in a fabulous restaurant (we will be making a return visit ). I know I was the envy of many men who gave admiring glances to the stunning lady in my company.

On return to the apartment, Rebeka opened her gifts and the fun continued, the details of which are ours.

Spending time with Rebeka never feels like a business arrangement and more like spending time with a friend – and I thank her for the friend she has become. 

Thank you ‘my Queen’ for another amazing time – each visit just gets better. 

Happy Christmas to you and your family. Thanks for all the fun of 2012 and I look forward to 2013.

Take care my darling. xx

I think I actually want to fucking cry

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