A Christmas miracle


Just beautiful. 

THE son of a former Fianna Fail TD told gardai after his arrest for drunkenness that he had a knife in his possession for self-defence and that he “would use it again”.

Former solicitor and city councillor Gary O’Flynn (37) above at centre, of Hayfield Drive, Castle Court, Whitechurch, Co Cork, had denied two public order offences, namely intoxication and threatening and abusive behaviour.

He was also charged with possession of a black flick knife.

But it gets better: 

Club owner Niall Carney told the court he received a complaint about O’Flynn’s behaviour on the night in question.

He went to speak to the accused about an allegation that he had poured a glass of alcoholic drink over a female customer.

Mr Carney said that when he approached O’Flynn he became immediately aggressive and told him to “go f**k” himself .

He repeatedly asked him to accompany him to a quieter part of the club but he refused and continued to drink his pint.

Mr Carney told the court that O’Flynn had told him: “I’m a practising solicitor, try and make me.”

Mmmmm. Fianna Fáilly. 

When asked by Sgt Ellis to explain why he had the knife in his possession O’Flynn replied: “I had it for my own protection and I’ll use it again.”

Sgt Ellis said he noted this in his notebook and asked O’Flynn if he “stood over” what he said to which the accused responded “absolutely”.

Retired Garda Ciaran O’Donovan told the court that O’Flynn resisted arrest and described his behaviour as “exceptionally arrogant” and said that it was the worst he saw in his 30 years of service.

During his arrest both state witnesses said that he was shouting and was abusive to door staff and gardai.

O’Flynn told the court that the charges and allegation against him were false and that the knife he was carrying was used in work to open parcels.

He claimed that on the night of the incident he had been at a specialist martial arts defence class and that he was using the knife to simulate a knife attack while training.


‘Training to be a cage fighter’. 

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