Grim Escort Review of the Day: Hohohos before bros

Hmmmm….met up with Inna over the weekend 01/12/12….she was introduced to me by a friend , so she was always kind of off limits to me , we have chatted a lot on line and also in chat room . so i took the opportunity to pay her a visit whilst she was in cork , and from the moment the door open , boy was i impressed with what i saw , she is tall in heels , very slim and very pretty , she has a wicked sence of humour ( like me)….for the 2hrs we spent together i could have sworn there was nobody else in the world , just me and her ….she impressed me that much , and i hope i did the same for her ….next time the coffees on Mr.B …..

So apparently there’s some sort of honour code for dudes who bang hookers and then introduce them to their mates like it’s something to be proud of. Who knew? Certainly not Jason Alexander in Pretty Woman

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