Toy Show, motherfuckers!

Bring it! 

The rules are:

Everybody has a glass/bottle/can of what ever drink they want.

The shots are any drink(preferably spirits) that are nearby.
A drink = about a mouthful. Not a full drink.

For convenience Ryan Tubridy is referred to as “Tubs”.

When you drop out you are subject to abuse about being a wimp by everyone still playing.

1. “There’s one for everbody in the audience.”
*When this is said everyone takes a shot.

2. When a toy doesn’t work or Tubs can’t work it
*Two drinks from your glass.

3. Tubs trying to be cool or making a joke
*One drink from your glass.

5. The Band Bonus
*When a band is on take two drinks from your glass.

6. Childrens Choir or Band
*One drink for every member of the choir. Once you finish your glass/bottle you can stop, or continue if you want to.

7. When a puppet is on the show e.g. Dustin, Socky, Bosco etc.
* Two drinks.

8. Celebrity Guest trying to promote their DVD/Book/Movie etc.
* One drink per promoted item.

9. Audience Participation.
* Tubs asks one random person a question. One drink per correctly answered question. Also one drink if everybody then gets the prize.

10. The overpriced toy
* When an extremely overpriced toy is shown take a drink.

11. When an updated version of an old toy is shown e.g. yet another Elmo doll.
* One drink. Two if the toy is actually Elmo.

12. Everytime they mention the phone-in competition
*Take one drink

13. If Santa makes an appearance or “rings” Tubs
*Have what ever is left in your glass/can/bottle.

14. Every time Tubs mentions that a toy is irish made
*A drink of something Irish (e.g. Guinness, Jameson) or 2 drinks of something non-Irish.

15. Every time a child ignores Tubs and continues to talk about the toy they are playing with. 
*One drink out of your glass*

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