Bonus Grim Escort Review of the Day: Third-person recession special

The Chef had viewed this lady here for quite some time & I’m very surprised she has not had more reviews here,made a booking & wow this lady is so polite,like the other reviewer it was nice to see her wash after I showered,escorts take note here,beautiful much nicer than her photos without the makeup,a Real gem,1 of the best girlfriend experiences I’ve had,value for money?yes.why other escorts charge more than 80euros for 30 minutes is beyond belief in today’s climate,
This girl is highly intel,a plus for me as I love women with positive brains,
Thank you Sandra for a wonderful experience,
well worth meeting you,
You are in my top 3 here so far & I only review top class ladies,
11 out of 10„
The Chef.

Have a wash girls, we don’t want to feel dirty after paying you for sex. Also, we should pay less since it’s a recession, just like we do for our other utilities. Also, positive brains. 

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