Grim Escort Review of the Day: Kerry ennui edition

Well – its my third time meeting with EbonyPru so I guess that speaks for itself. As usual, she was located in a nice and discreet location. Pru is the friendliest of women and you will have no need to feel in the slightest nervous or apprehensive as you will be at your ease within seconds of meeting with her. And she is full of fun and good humour. She was truly brilliant at understanding my needs (as I had expressed in an email before we met) and she went to great lengths to make sure that the role-play was just as I wanted. If you like a lady who is friendly, intelligent, fun, attractive, busty, very sexy, wild and wicked then you wont go wrong with Pru. When I left her yesterday I felt like a new man and knowing that I had 100% of her attention and her care for the time I was with her. I know its a professional arrangement but somehow when I met with EbonyPru I felt I had made a friend – an illusion perhaps but still a nice one.
She makes just occasional visits to Ireland and I am one of the lucky guys who has managed to meet her. 

Yes. Lucky

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